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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are your workplace first aid courses HSE compliant?

A. Yes. Our workplace first aid courses are fully compliant with Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 as well as recognising the latest Resuscitation Council (UK) and European Resuscitation Council Guidelines.

Q. What first aid training do I need in order to meet my Health and Safety requirements?

Q. What is the difference between Emergency First Aid at Work and First Aid at Work?

A. Emergency First Aid at Work is a 1-day course suitable for small-to-medium sized companies working in low-to-medium risk environments. First Aid at Work is initially a 3-day course designed for larger organisations and those working in medium-to-high risk environments.

Q. How long are the certificates valid for?

A. Emergency First Aid at Work and First Aid at Work certificates are valid for 3 years.

Q. What happens when my first aid certificate expires?

A. You will no longer be qualified to act as a first aider at work. In order to remain qualified you must re-sit your qualification. To renew an Emergency First Aid at Work you must re-sit the 1-day course. To re-qualify for a First Aid at Work certificate, you can sit the course over 2 days rather than the initial 3 days (conditions apply).

Q. Are your workplace first aid courses approved or accredited by the HSE?

A. Since October 2013 the HSE no longer approves or accredits first aid qualifications or organisations.

Q. Do you offer accredited qualifications?

A. Yes. How 2 Save A Life is approved by Qualsafe Awards to deliver accredited qualifications. Qualsafe Awards is one of the largest organisations recognised by Ofqual, a non-ministerial government department that regulates qualifications, exams and tests in England.

Q. Does first aid training have to be accredited to satisfy the HSE?

A. No. Accreditation is not a requirement to meet Health and Safety regulations in the workplace. Our non-accredited courses meet the same high standards as our accredited qualifications.

Q. Is non-accredited training cheaper than accredited training?

A. Yes, because there are no accreditation fees involved.

Q. What responsibility do I have if I choose non-accredited training?

A. The HSE requires Employers to carry out Due Diligence when procuring non-accredited first aid courses for the workplace. Click here for information that will help you complete your Due Diligence.

Q. What are the benefits of choosing accredited qualifications?

A. Accredited training requires no Due Diligence on your part and the certificates are nationally recognised.