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Angina, Heart Attack & Cardiac Arrest

Angina, Heart Attack & Cardiac Arrest – Workbook

Step-by-step how to diagnose and treat Angina, Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest.

Angina & Heart Attack - The Cause

Angina & Heart Attack – The Cause

A simple description of what causes Angina and Heart Attack.

Angina & Heart Attack - Signs & Symptoms

Angina & Heart Attack – Signs & Symptoms

How to tell the difference between an Angina attack and a heart attack.

First Aid Kit Checklist

First Aid Casualty Report Form

Use this form to monitor your casualty and record first aid treatment.

How to Take a Pulse

How to take a pulse, and resting pulse rates for adults, children and babies.

Choking Adult

The stepwise approach to treating an adult who is choking.

First Aid Kit Checklist

First Aid Kit Checklist

Checkllst of BS-8599 and other recommended items for your first aid kit.

Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981

This guidance is for employers. It sets out what you need to do to address first aid provision in the workplace.


AED Sign (pre May 2017)

Print this sign to let people know where your AED is located.

AED Sign (May 2017)

Have you updated your AED signage yet? There’s no better time than now!

Primary Survey DR ABC

DR ABC Poster

A simple aid to remembering the Primary Survey.

FAST Stroke Poster

DRAB Poster

When to call 999/112 and commence CPR.

Primary Survey DR ABC

Basic Life Support and AED Poster

European Resuscitation Council’s algorithm for Basic Life Support and Automated External Defibrillation.

FAST Stroke Poster

FAST Stroke Poster

How to spot a person having a stroke.

FAST Stroke Poster

Driver Location Signs

How to tell where you are on a motorway.

Run Hide Tell Poster

What to do in the event of a terrorist attack or mass shooting.


AED Map (Retford)

AED Map (Retford)

A map of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in Retford and surrounding areas.


Agonal Gasps

One of the best examples of agonal breathing.

Chris Solomon’s Sudden Cardiac Arrest

From the BBC Helicopter Heroes series.

Mr Bean CPR

How not to do it. Mr. Bean tries his hand at first aid.

How the Heart Works

3D animation showing how the heart works.

Run Hide Tell

In the rare event of a terrorist weapons or firearms attack you should follow the Run Hide Tell advice. It could save your life.

How to Recognise a Stroke

Whiteboard animation explaining how to use FAST to recognise a stroke.


HSE First Aid at Work

Information about first aid in the workplace from the Health and Safety Executive.

Resuscitation Council (UK) 2015 Guidelines

The latest guidelines from the Resuscitation Council (UK).