Level 3 Award in Emergency
Paediatric First Aid

Emergency Paediatric First Aid is ideal for anyone who cares for infants and children and wants to learn basic paediatric first aid skills. During this 1-day course, learners will develop the skills and knowledge needed to deal with a range of paediatric first aid situations, including managing an unresponsive infant or child, CPR, choking, seizures, external bleeding and more.

Please note: Ofsted Early Years and the Childcare Register require at least one first aider with a full Paediatric First Aid certificate to be on the premises and available at all times when children are present, including during outings. Childminders who are in sole charge of children must also hold a full Paediatric First Aid qualification.

Course Overview

  • Roles and responsibilities of the first aider
  • Infection control
  • Communication and consent
  • Documentation
  • Incident and casualty assessment
  • Signs and symptoms
  • First aid kits
  • Calling emergency services
  • CPR and AED
  • AED safety
  • Choking
  • Recovery position
  • Seizures
  • Bleeding
  • Shock
  • Bandages
  • Packing a wound
  • Haemostatic dressings
  • Tourniquets
  • Small cuts, grazes, bumps, and bruises
  • Nosebleeds
  • Splinters
  • Bites and stings
  • Eye injuries
Course Length Qualification Certification Period
1 day Level 3 Award 3 years


On successful completion of this course you will receive an Emergency Paediatric First Aid certificate which is valid for three years. Choose from a H2SAL regulated or a nationally-recognised Ofqual regulated qualification accredited by Qualsafe Awards.

  Open Courses
at our venue
Group Courses
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H2SAL Level 3 Award (SRF)
  Regulated by H2SAL
£60 / person £360 / group *
QA Level 3 Award (RQF)
  Regulated by Ofqual
  Accredited by Qualsafe Awards
  Ofsted & EYFS compliant
  Nationally recognised
£90 / person £360 / group *
+ £30 / person

* Maximum of 12 persons per group.


Qualsafe Awards Registered Centre
Emergency Paediatric First Aid - Bleeding
Emergency Paediatric First Aid - Minor Injuries
Emergency Paediatric First Aid - CPR
Emergency Paediatric First Aid - Choking