Roles and Responsibilities of the First Aider

Roles and Responsibilities of the First Aider

In this week’s blog post we will be discussing the roles and responsibilities of the first aider. First Aid is defined as the “help given to the sick or injured until full medical treatment is available”. The roles and responsibilities of the first aider include – Protecting from Danger Assess the scene for dangers. Remove or minimise any dangers if possible. Remember to always put your own safety first, then protect others (this includes bystanders as well as the casualty). Assessing the Situation Work out what has happened (events leading up to the incident). Count the number of casualties (the emergency … Read More

How 2 Treat Anaphylaxis


What Is It? Anaphylaxis is an extreme allergic reaction, which can be fatal. The most common causes of anaphylaxis are nuts, seafood, and insect stings. During an anaphylactic reaction, the body releases massive quantities of a chemical called histamine. This causes a rash and itching, and in large enough quantities it can result in life-threatening complications to the casualty’s Airway, Breathing and Circulation. Airway: It can cause severe swelling that can block the airway. Breathing: It can constrict the wind-pipes in the lungs. This can be similar to an asthma attack. Circulation: It can cause blood vessels to dilate to three times their usual … Read More

The Recovery Position – When? When Not?

The Recovery Position

Having dealt with a number of first aid emergencies over the years, we’ve noticed that the recovery position is often viewed as a “fix all” by untrained onlookers. On countless occasions, when faced with an unconscious casualty lying on their back, we’ve been told by a panicking bystander to “put him (or her) in the recovery position!” as if the recovery position will solve any and every medical emergency. However, this is not always the case! In this article, we will explain why that is. First, check for breathing Before contemplating the recovery position, we first need to check whether … Read More

How 2 Treat an Insect Sting

First aid for insect stings

Welcome to this weeks first aid article. This time we’ll discuss how to treat an insect sting. If the insect sting is visible carefully scrape it off the skin with the edge of a credit card or similar object. DO NOT use tweezers as you will only squeeze the poison into the wound! Elevate the wound if possible and apply an ice pack wrapped in a tea towel or a triangular bandage for 10 minutes. Seek medical advice if pain or swelling persists. If the insect sting is in the mouth give the casualty an ice cube to suck on, or sips of cold water. … Read More

What to Do if Someone Gets Stabbed in the Neck

Stabbed in the Neck

Getting stabbed in the neck is a very bad thing. For one thing there are major arteries (carotids) and veins (jugulars) in the neck. When cut, these bleed profusely. A severed carotid artery will squirt bright red blood in time with the person’s heart beat, while a cut jugular will “gush” darker red blood, also pulsating in time with the heat beat. Additionally, when someone is stabbed in the neck there is the risk of the throat itself being cut, compromising the casualty’s airway. So where should the first aider begin? Catastrophic Bleeding v Airway While maintaining an open Airway … Read More

Choking Woman Saved by Retford Man After Attending First Aid Course with How 2 Save A Life

Choking Woman

Imagine you were out for a meal and someone on the next table began choking on their food? Would you know what to do? Jason Varney, a Service Manager at Fairfield Control Systems in Retford, had just that experience on Saturday 3rd June 2017. Jason had recently attended a first aid course with How 2 Save A Life  and had been taught how to treat a choking adult. Jason’s story Jason was shopping with his wife and daughter when they decided to get some lunch at a pub in town. The pub was fairly busy but they managed to find a … Read More

DR ABC – The Primary Survey

Emergency First Aid at Work

An easy way to remember how to carry out a primary survey is to remember that the letters D, R, A, B and C spell “Doctor ABC”. D is for Danger. Check your surroundings. Make sure both you and your casualty isn’t going to get hurt. Also remember that if it happened once it could happen again! R is for Response. Check the casualty is conscious by shouting and shaking. Shout into both ears. Tell them to wake up. Ask them if you can help them. Shake them gently by the shoulders. If they don’t respond they are unconscious. A is … Read More

Employers – Are You First Aid Compliant?

First Aid at Work

Are you an employer? Do you have a HSE-compliant first aid box? Are the contents of your first aid box in date? Do you have a trained first aider? As first aid trainers we are often asked what the law is for employers. Do employers have a duty to provide trained first aiders within their business? What happens if no one is trained as a first aider and someone at work becomes ill or has an accident? Can a company be prosecuted for not providing adequate first aid cover? Is it really necessary to have trained first aiders? Will not … Read More

Public Access Defibrillators in Retford Town Centre

AED Map Retford

You can never be too close to an AED. In the event of a cardiac arrest, seconds count. Immediate CPR alone will give a casualty a 26% chance of survival, but  if a defibrillator deployed within 3 minutes it increases it to 76%. However, every minute that passes without a defibrillator results in a 10% drop in survivability. By the time an ambulance arrives it’s often too late! If you know the location of a Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) in Retford that’s already not included on our AED map please let us know.

Manchester Arena Bombing – First Aid for Terrorist Attacks

Manchester Arena Bombing - Photo credit Peter Byrne/PA Wire

Manchester Arena Bombing Our sincere thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of those who lost loved ones in the Manchester Arena bombing last night. Also, to all those caught up in this terrible crime. We can only imagine how traumatic it must have been for those involved. Having read the news reports, and listened to a number of eye-witness accounts from the Manchester Arena bombing, we feel an obligation to offer the following first aid advice. Although terrorism and the destruction it causes is an emotive subject, it is nevertheless something we all need to be … Read More